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Cleveland Digital Marketing Agency

Cleveland Digital Marketing Agency

We value your business

We want to help you in every way. InUnison handles the bread-and-butter search engine procedures that drive customers to your site. We also offer “local search directory” submissions, which will help your business connect with customers using apps on a mobile devices. These apps help users search for various specialized and localized business services in a geographic area. In the meantime, we will run an audit on your site to see where there is room for improvement. Plus, you are eligible for a site redesign every two years to keep up with cutting-edge web trends.

With InUnison, you can call or e-mail us directly on any issue

You will never get bogged down in an automated answering system. You are dealing with the same people all of the time. Clients can even discuss issues directly with the owner. With large hosting companies, you call a hotline and get a different person each time. They will not remember you. Unlike the larger companies, you can stop by the InUnison office any time for an in-person conversation, or even have a phone or web-based meeting at your convenience. InUnison can also come to you on location, whether the goal is troubleshooting e-mail or training your staff for a web program. The most convenient option is our remote system support, which is included in your bill. With InUnison, it is no trouble at all to have your domain assets spread out to multiple providers. You can have your domain registered in one place, your e-mail in another place, and your DNS somewhere complete elsewhere. InUnison manages it all and will be your sole technical point of contact when needed. We will happily reach out to other companies and assist in troubleshooting matters, then report back to you regularly.

Other business communication tools are included with your InUnison partnership

This includes e-mail, calendars and contacts, and shared drives. Our e-mail is cross-platform and can be used on any mobile device. We offer many webmail options, such as Horde, Roundcube, Squirrelmail, and others. InUnison provides a full-featured, out-of-the-box calendar and contacts service. This service allows users to store and edit calendar and contact information, which allows the synchronization of calendars, contacts, and e-mail on multiple devices. CardDAV is designed to allow end-users to access and share the contact information/data on a server, which is an address book client/server protocol. Also, the CalDAV is a protocol for allowing access to the scheduling data on a server. With these two protocols (CardDAV/CalDAV), users can access their contacts or calendars remotely with third-party applications.

InUnison can provide a full Integrated Business Applications & Ecosystem for your business

InUnison can build and host open source applications, from sale CRM’s to Inventory/MRP, to marketing programs for e-mail and social media. We also build purpose-specific websites for eCommerce,Blogs, Forums, and eLearning.

The websites we build are cross-platform and can run on a multitude of environments. Unlike the “do-it-yourself” builders like WIX and Squarespace, which can only be hosted on their proprietary platform, our sites can be moved to a completely different environment if needed, regardless of the technology involved. We code the sites ourselves. This means the code is open-source, and can be freely modified to fit your changing needs. InUnison sites are scalable for the future; they can grow with your business. The sites InUnison builds are completely standardized, meaning the code can be easily built upon for additional functionality by other parties. If you want a “do-it-yourself” builder for your site, we can install one on our servers, which would then have the capability to be moved to another platform or server if needed.

InUnison will configure your internet presence the way you see fit

There are countless website-building platforms. InUnison gives you choices among the top content management systems so you can decide which platform is right for you. With a larger host, you are digital real estate to them. They can charge so little because they have pre-configured programs. They operate with a one-size-fits-all approach. It is very linear and template-based, which requires very little configuration and attention to detail. Plus, they don’t offer the range of support that we do. At InUnison, you have the option to use not just one type of “build it yourself” platform, but several different kinds, whether it’s in your InUnison hosting control panel or built into a specific content management system application. Although most of our clients will have InUnison design their site, you have the option to build it yourself or have a dedicated design done in-house.

At InUnison, we believe in taking a non-linear approach to building your internet presence. This approach is more convenient; plus, having a more modularized approach lets you focus on the most important aspects of your business operations. InUnison builds on open-source technology. We can keep costs down while still being able to integrate our services alongside legacy products and systems.

What We Provide to Clients

  • Website development
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • E-mail exchange and hosting
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts with unlimited storage
  • Technical operations and troubleshooting
  • Unlimited website updates
  • Encryption with SSL on all domains
  • Client-server bandwidth
  • Ongoing search engine optimization (SEO)